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About Us

No one knows what will happen next. Before that the flood of life may carry us away; we may destroy like the bits of broken glass or we may disperse in the atmosphere like ash. Let us inhabit a new world by touching the heights of sky and lay a new foundation of life.

The span of our life is very brief. Even then we are the most ancient in this universe. We have the potential of innumerable past and coming centuries. We are the custodians of this continuity of human life. We have been living together since centuries and will live in the coming time.

To accomplish this mission, we have founded Arrahman Welfare Foundation. Our sole aim is welfare and betterment of society and humanity. We want to encourage and help the destitute, deserving persons, skilled persons and the individuals with constructive approach. This program is the first step, first knock and first push for progress. This is the first ray of journey of light. To achieve this aim, we charted out a program for the welfare of mankind in the following services. By the grace of Allah this program has been run by us successfully for two years.To address the social and economic issues confronted by poor peoples, we are providing Non-financial Services.