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No one knows what will happen next. Before that the flood of life may carry us away; we may destroy like the bits of broken glass or we may disperse in the atmosphere like ash. Let us inhabit a new world by touching the heights of sky and lay a new foundation of life.The span of our life is very brief. Even then we are the most ancient in this universe. We have the potential of innumerable past and coming centuries. We are the custodians of this continuity of human life. We have been living together since centuries and will live in the coming time.To accomplish this mission, we have founded Arrahman Welfare Foundation. Our sole aim is welfare and betterment of society and humanity. We want to encourage and help the destitute, deserving persons, skilled persons and the individuals with constructive approach. This program is the first step, first knock and first push for progress. This is the first ray of journey of light. To achieve this aim, we charted out a program for the welfare of mankind in the following services. By the grace of Allah this program has been run by us successfully for two years. To address the social and economic issues confronted by poor peoples, we are providing Non-financial Services.

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Molana Muhammad Nabeel

Our Services for the Society


Free dispensary in Tehsil Sadiqabad, District Rahim Yar khan, Pakistan is providing free treatment facilities to patients with free medicine at 16:30pm to 20:30pm daily. A qualified doctor examines the patients.


From September to May every year,  free medical camps are organized in the villages of Sadiqabad and Rahim Yar Khan and surrounding areas. Where free of all eligible deserving patients are being treated at the door step of their homes. Medical staff, including qualified doctors is present with the mobile health unit to meet the medical services requirements of the area.


Each year, a collective wedding program is set for poor and deserving adult girls. Through this program deserving families girls are benefited with lavish lunch to their honorable guest . Every year the collective marriage program is organized in November / December and needs full goods for brides have been delivered to brides,  so that they should start their married life with ease and comfort. So far, this facility has been provided to 360 Needy and deserving girls under this collective wedding program.


To meet the educational needs of intelligent and deserving poor students, Funds are provides on a regular basis from this fund. At this time, 50 deserving students are being accommodated through this fund. Apart from this, books, uniform, admission fees and other requirements of various needy and poor students have full filled through fund. Different types of  non-curriculum programs, speech competition, writing competition and quiz programs are organized among students. Furthermore Celebrations are arranged on all national days. So far many programs have been held in this regard.

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Ramzan Rashan Package

Al-Humdulillah, ARRAHMAN WELFARE FOUNDATION helps poor and needy people yearlong throughout District Rahim Yar Khan. Distribution of Ramzan Ration Package has been started since the last 6 years which is an exemplary and admirable act. ARRAHMAN WELFARE FOUNDATION took the responsibility to provide complete Ramzan ration Package to 200 Pooe, Needy and deserving Families for the Holy month of Ramzan. The Ration Bag is sufficient for a month for a family consisting of 6 to 8 persons. Each Ration Bag contains 21 Items flour, rice, sugar, and pulses like mong, mansoor, kali mansoor, chana, basin, milk, ghee, chili powder, chat masala, salt, vermicelli, dates, tea, and Rooh Afza and etc….

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7-Eidghah Market, Kehchari Road Sadiqabad District Rahim Yar Khan Punjab Pakistan
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